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Business Phone Systems in Irvine

Your company's bottom line is probably the most important aspect of your business. It indicates growth trends, profits, and global awareness. As a provider of phone systems and Mitel products, we want to help improve your bottom line through implementing a cost-cutting business phone system in Irvine or anywhere in CA. VoIP technology is the solution. You may think that you current phone system is adequate, but VoIP could improve your entire business, while consolidating your existing phone service.

Services like VoIP will actually help your company run more efficiently. As a provider, we know that a productive work day is money in the bank. We will connect you with your customers for a fraction of the price you are currently paying. We offer the following business phone services:

  • Improvements to existing business phone system - i.e. integration and consolidation
  • VoIP - Voice Over Internet Protocol System
  • Incredible customer service and training to get you on your way with VoIP systems

As a Mitel Exclusive Business Partner, we offer top of the line equipment if you are looking for a business phone system in Irvine.

As Irvine VoIP service providers with over 50 years of experience, we know what products and services will help your business grow. You can't grow if your current provider won't allow you to reach your customers in an affordable way. Business phone systems are our specialty.

VoIP Phone Systems, Irvine

With business spanning the globe, your growth relies on your ability to reach customers all over. Stay ahead of the competition with cost cutting technology. Our integrated phone systems, from Mitel, have so many advantages over traditional business phone systems.

  • Cost: VoIP technology allows you to cut down on costs
  • Features: VoIP features give a small business a large professional feel
  • Talk: VoIP allows phones to be deployed anywhere with full transparency
  • Growth: As your business grows, your phone system needs to be flexible enough to handle the expansion

For many years, we have offered our business phone system in Irvine which has given us the needed insight into how companies can cut costs and optimize growth opportunities.

We would be thrilled to provide your business phone system in Irvine. We offer state of the art VoIP technology and customer service that can't be matched. We want to help you succeed, and VoIP can help you communicate with your customers more cost effectively!

Irvine Data Networking Systems

Searching through providers to find the one to satisfy your data networking needs can be costly in terms of time spent. Our expertise allows us to handle your Data Networking System requirements including data switches, data routers, network cabling, structured cabling, wireless access points, network services, video surveillance and videoconferencing services. At Fusion we pride ourselves in the ability to upgrade your system with advanced technology while cutting your costs. Call us today at (877) 852-5977!


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Customers have many choices in today’s Voice and Data world and that’s why Fusion associates itself with the leading manufacturers in each sector of the market. With Fusion, you Only Get The Best!

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